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Instead of a FOREWORD…

Just this curt outline about the opening of this personal website, i.e. at Age 72, it might be time to set some official records straight vis a vis government propaganda, to throw light on certain subjects of academic and sociopolitical value for the more astute reader, hence we offer just these initial topics that might raise the brow and open the dialogue. Indeed, to consider the issues raised in these crucial times of the ongoing disastrous worldwide financial meltdown, where dominance by an aggressive Ruling Elite has brought us to the precipice of international economic calamity, if not outright global war which the same elite(s) launched in 1938-41, caused by the the similar 1929 financial crash, indeed, the elite finally decided that the only way out was by conflict & resolution learned in World War-I; the international community of nations needs to censure the culprit if that's all that will happen to them?...

Please note, the prairie nation-state came into its own relatively recently (hence, the charge of being in dippers to "rule the world", i.e. Pax Americana realizing the Roman value of perennial conflict & resolution, in order to feed the elite`s glut for the better things in life, and significantly in how to dominate the world. Consequently, you cause the conflict then appoint yourself to resolve it, of course for profit, which the worldwide community just witnessed in the Caucasus war by the Georgians against Southern Ossetia, premeditatively launched by Washington (Condoleezza Wright, the agent sent there by DC's "sacred cow" of National Security), inspired to see if its Ruling Elite could engulf 'peaceful' democratic Russia into an a la USA conflict(s) such as those ongoing in the Middle East.

The Law of the Sea, the oldest law in the world regulating maritime affairs, had laid down national security interests in the 3-12 mile offshore limit, which no one heeds anymore. Our national security extends to the Roof of the World, the Afghan and Tadzhikistan Pamir’s. The Afghans did not cause 9/11. In fact, 16 of the 19 pilots were Saudi Arabian nationals! But, then, dominance recognizes no borders, while the UN Charter and the organization itself remains the mouthpiece and platform of the power to be not a regulatory agency of international affairs.

Alas! The Georgian fracas didn't work according the NSC-Pentagon plans: the Kremlin learned a lesson in the Cold War: being encircled by the Containment Doctrine (of one George F. Kennan, 1946) with 180 NATO bases around its perimeter, the best offense is defense, which most observers much less the politicians and the bamboozled public never realized: the tsarist-communist Russia, half a millennium old Eurasian nation-state never had a "first attack plan" on the United States nor a "black box" carried by it's head of state to push the "preemptive" button to destroy the world!

Moreover, this is not apologia for the decrepit communist system, the rabble society it created of once progressive tsarist Russia, but a historical fact, i.e. our government has been on rampage ever since 1845 Manifest Destiny Doctrine, the Mexican-American War, to take over the planetary meridians under the providential umbrella arbitrarily bestowed on the barbarian Anglo-Saxons up on the Hudson and/or Potomac or both--two of the five Gothic Rivers in the West; the other three happen to populate the slippery banks on the Themes, Seine and Rhine, whose days are numbered for too many reasons to enumerate, but we shall try enlighten the worldowide community of nations if we succeed to keep this Website open...

Finally, I'm not sure now that the Germans and the French will continue to play the Gothic war-games forever... Indeed, it would be better to woo Russia, with its 7th continent truly incredible resources in Siberia, to join the EU, cutting off the dominance link to the "dogs of war" at the la Manche channel, and let 'em swim in their own soup... However, now I'm not so sure that Russia is willing to join the emerging opposition on the continent, which would be very important for the survival of the beleaguered WesternCiv, and its vertical Intelligentsia. The Siberian landmass, rich in minerals, timber and metals, is larger than Europe (including continental Russia) and North America combined. And, with global warming, severe Siberian winter temperatures have dropped -20 C°.     

1. Why the American-British tandem is on rampage, see GEO Doctrine. The GEO Bombing Doctrine is a dilly--not to argue it--it just tells it all, while empire-building below, explains - WHY! Please, carefully read the other essays.

2. American Empire Building...well, it's a story in itself, so enjoy it: the specialists will understand.  Indeed, elitism or Jeffersonian Democracy state model emanates from the Romans, which fought perennial wars for profit, therefrom empire-building in our times on different levels of meaning, including the ongoing high-tech totalitarianism… Romans never worked a day in their lives, inherited from our vertical classical Greeks. For example, our American Anglo-Saxon state model is very similar, if not a Romanesque copy. In WW-II, American corporations were unleashed to build roads and airports all over the Philippine Islands, plus tanks and guns in Detroit, aircraft also in the East and Midwest, cargo vessels on both coasts, producing 50,000 fighter aircraft and 10,000 Liberty ships by mid-1943, and we mobilized 23½ million Americans in uniform; something which Hitler claimed was impossible, killing the German military chief of station in Mexico City, who made that fateful projection in 1939. All of it, plus other military hardware, was built at cost + 40% paid by the federal government, no questions asked. However, in the two Iraqi wars, we occupied the oil fields scot-free…pure, and simple, unadulterated rape & murder of the indigenous population in Mesopotamia (Babylonia/Iraq as a nation-state is over 5 millennia old, USA just over two centuries, a civilization ‘streaker’ really, still in diapers comparatively speaking); the action still in progress, the Roman killing fields proliferating, Pax Americana replete.

3. The next problem is - how does WesternCiv survive, the race of continental Europeans that did it all...irrespective of other continents across the global spectrum--facts are before us, we can argue 'em, Ok.

4. The Space Program: we did a major illustrated study on it - high-tech was all wartime Germany's initiative and 'vertical' tecnological prowess the point: our Dr Wehrner von Braun was a blood brother of the American Ruling Elite,

he went on to become a hero of the major democracy in the world, in the post-WW II, period; while the Russian Helmut Groettrup, who launched the first Sputnik and Man in Space--he was a POW in communist Russia, who cut a deal withe the Russians, and went home in 1953... Think about it, an important censure of our American mentality, indeed, a barbarian mindset, which now dangerously monopolizes the worldwide meridians...

5. Containment of Russia in post-WW II period, launched by a member of the Eastern Protestant Establishment, one George F. Kennan: 180 NATO bases encircled Russia, in the famous 1946 Containment Doctrine; Russia broke out of it with sheer "creative genius" capability in high-tech; indeed, a WesternCiv nation despite all the claims to the contrary by the non-continental Anglo-Saxons, who arrived in Europe in 9 AD.

6. Hanna Reitsch was the first woman in space in 1944, while Chuck Jaeger, the "sound barrier" hero, was two barriers behind the V-2 rocket; which traveled 3 times the speed of sound, a fact that we Yankees and Limeys just glossed over. We can deliver to you, from our think tank group, so much documented literature which would turn one's stomach over and over again, how much fraud has been launched by our Consumer Society to play the "dominance" game.

7. Leni Riefensthal, one of the most unusual women in Nazi Germany, a film maker, who cast the Fuhrer himself as the leading actor in her pioneering film Triumph of the Will, teaching our Tinsel Town of Hollywood many a lesson, perhaps even in building mega-sports stadiums, such as the one in Pasadena, leaving a lasting mark on the Olympic Games.

8. Nazi Atomic Bomb

Lisa Meitner, an Austrian national, developed and employed first fission in Nazi Germany wartime reactors; she practically invented the bomb; see enclosed essay which throws interesting light even on our Atomic Bomb program back in those long gone days. Did Dumbarton Oaks lean on her reactor, such as the one in Haigerloch, Germany?

9. The New World Order and WesternCiv installments are crucial issues vis a vis our western civilization’s survival. Many readers might be offended by some argumentative raised... I'm not saying the Anglo-Saxon interlopers from Asia did not help create the vertical WesternCiv; they did, BUT recidivism remains, for the Oriental mindset seems to be incorrigible. Our ruling elite are a deviant lot, the leadership in any case: they refuse to learn from the lessons of history. Therefore, those who refuse to learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them, which affects the qualitative progress of civilization at large. Moreover, critics of my arguments should consider the historical cliché: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” said Voltaire. Our time is running out to correct the ongoing aggressive pathos of the barbarian breed in our midst, hence the need to create an effective forum.

10. Ex post facto, Post Scriptum...

“One picture is worth a thousand words,” is a popular adage not only in our American culture but worldwide, and very apropos to something that happened to me and my regular e-mail contacts with my granddaughter back in California… See “Orphaned Wolf Cubs”, Tales from the OPEN SPACES, a compendium of stories for children and adults.


Honestly, I believe, in my old age after spending years in the field monitoring the awesome  Soviet military systems (and, I still think it was right), we Americans just missed the boat after WW-II. We should have tried  to work harder with those also Western brethren of ours, the Russian Slavs, and could have succeeded without the devastating polarization... Russians won the war against 14 German Armies in the East, while we rode to victory engaged with ONLY 3 rabble Third Reich Armies in the West, from June 6, 1944 to May 9, 1945. It's just that our Ruling Elite is illiterate and aggressive, downright deviant; and now, with this financial meltdown, we lost it all... In three year's time it's over: We American shall never-Ever again recover confidence of the world community of nations which Pres. Bush, Jr. kept asking for in his last days of power. George Santayana said it all: "Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely."

But, let's talk about it, in how we can decline more gracefully, Ok my friends.

Prof. Paul S. Cutter, political scientist (ret)