Current events

Current developments monopolized by the media are in fact all four of the categories we have arbitrarily numbered to open up the subject of whiter modern man, manipulated by the ruling elites—all in all—all of the above have everything to do with our imminent survival, with lessons to be learned from the past, a test of time which we Americans seems to flunk just about every time, that’s why the elite is both illiterate and aggressive with the plebiscite, and for the same reason in charge of us persistently abusing the Human Condition Plato called them (the Ruling Elite) the Auxiliary, without which society cannot be organized nor run, i.e. without delegating our power to others. Thomas Hobbes, the British philosopher, took us out of the cave and delivered us in the care of the state and its standard bearers. Therefrom, the impasse my friends—we don’t know whether we’re coming or going, when nor where. This verbiage in progress is an attempt to at least talk about it on a different level of meaning, Ok.

OPERATION Desert Storm – 1991, first Gulf War – American ‘bald eagle’ cavalcade; not much was changed in the 2002 War, believe it or not, with “mission (un)accomplished,” which was not, nor will it fare better in much more aggressive
Afghanistan, where Western conquest faces “true grit”, never accomplished any missions but for loss of men & materiel!